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Alternative Christianities

Welcome to the web site of the renowned author Vince Nicolas. Vince is a historian not a preacher. His latest publication is a treatise about “Alternative Christianities” done in a series of books, articles, and lectures about several ancient Christian sects and their Sacred Scriptures that were left out of the New Testament and were suppressed, banned, and destroyed in the early centuries of Christianity. In compiling the New Testament, besides more Sacred Scriptures were consciously left out at that time than were included, many of the texts that were included have been repeatedly changed either accidentally or intentionally to suit the emerging Christian church and their "preferred Christian teachings" and then for the numerous Protestant Reformations. Consequently today there is not ONE Christian Bible or ONE Christian religion but dozens of versions of the Christian Bible and thousands of iterations of Christian religions, denominations, sects, and cults. A 20th century discovery of these discarded ancient texts brought them back to light. More amazing are the differences from the “traditional” Christianity being taught and followed today. This made many of today’s Biblical scholars, theologians, and university professors question whether we all have been led down the wrong Christian path for the past 2,000 years. These ancient Alternative Christianities make even more sense in today’s world and brings Christianity back to being a religion of "Good News"! Maybe these recent discoveries were a “Divine intervention” to adjust Christianity back onto its right path; the path that was intended by Jesus Christ? Volume I is guaranteed to pique your interest, get you hooked, and make you want to go more in depth in Volumes II and III. This treatise is not only very enlightening and educational for Christians but also for our intertwined Abrahamic-descendant Judaism and Islam relatives. This series should be a MUST READ for any serious theology or religious studies student to have a complete comprehension of this subject especially if they are going to teach or preach it intelligently and correctly. WARNING: This will ruffle many feathers!

Alternative Christianities Volume II


Welcome to Volume II of Alternative Christianities. For those that have read Alternative Christianities – Volume I: Early Christian Sects and the Formation of the Bible, Welcome Back and I hope you enjoy Alternative Christianities – Volume II: The Validity of Today’s Christian Teachings and the Lost Gospels of the Other Disciples. If you have not read Volume I, I do hope you pick it up or order it. It is well-worth reading.

For those new readers to whom I have not introduced myself in Volume I: I am Vince Nicolas. I am a “historian” not a “theologian.” I am writing these books as a “historian” not as a “theologian.” I want to make that very clear.