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Alternative Christianities

Which of today’s 21+ versions of the English-translated New Testament is the closest to the original texts?

There are 50+ texts, including 6 more Apostolic Gospels, which do exist but are NOT included in the Bible.

What is the difference in the Bible and core beliefs between Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism?

You realize there are no secular records indicating that Jesus ever really existed. But saying He did exist….

Some say: Jesus was not God. He never said He was God, in fact He even repeatedly denied being God!

Judas did NOT betray Jesus; instead he was a trusted friend and a big part of Jesus’ PASSOVER PLOT.

Jesus NEVER actually died on the cross; there is more evidence that He really SURVIVED the crucifixion.

Jesus NEVER rose from the dead. He was taken away to recuperate; thus why they found an “empty tomb.”

Some believe that after the crucifixion, Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene (which is very likely), went to live in Egypt and then moved on to the south of France where they established a royal blood line of David.

Jesus never planned to start a religion, nor did encourage any of His disciples to write down His words. His disciples were illiterate. No one knows who really wrote the anonymous Gospels that now bear their names.

The Bible is riddled with errors and contradictions. Despite what you are being told, it was not delivered to us from God in a “shrink-wrapped, tamper-proof” package. It has both accidental and intentional changes.

Is Western Christianity, as it being taught today, going down the completely WRONG PATH? Are you practicing Jesus’ real message and His instructions for salvation? Are you being misled by false ministers?

Yes, we are reading many of the same texts, or more, but we are reading them differently! All these and other such beliefs are asserted, written upon, and being taught by ministers and Theology and History professors with doctorates at the best Ivy League colleges in the U.S.

Is your mind open to learning Jesus’ message in the newly discovered Gospels?

Are you prepared to answer the questions above as featured in a number of published books and articles with your friends, students, or congregations?

Are you interested in the “bigger picture” of the more diversified alternative Christianities from ancient times before they were suppressed by the church?

When you finish this Volume, I am very sure you will want to know more and delve deeper in Volume II.